This is our testimonial page, please feel free to read what our customers have to say, about their experience with us.

Kato Harilal - Volvo V60CC September 2017

Hello Lisa and Steve,

We have had the car for almost 2 months now and would like to say thank you – the V60cc is beautiful and drives beautifully.  We are very happy with the purchase as this car is exceeding our expectations in every way.  We are Volvo for life.

Kato Harilal - Volvo V60CC September 2017
Juan and Jennie Duarte - Volvo XC90 September 2017

Hi Lisa! We picked up our car and truly couldn’t be happier! We are so thankful for all of your help and being so amazing with all of the back and forth.  You’ve been so kind! Thank you for helping us through this process!!!



Juan and Jennie Duarte - Volvo XC90 September 2017
Vincent Tes - XC90 R Design

I am in receipt of my 2018 Volvo XC90.  Thank you for all of your assistance.

Vincent Tes - XC90 R Design
Volvo XC60


You helped us out with buying a new Volvo last June. You had it ordered, shipped and waiting for us in Germany. I just wanted to let you you know that …a year later…I love our car more than the day we got it. Thanks so much for all your help and making our buying experience so pleasant.

Hope all is well with you in Okinawa!


Michelle McBride

McBride Family
Volvo XC60 - June 2017

James and Lisa,

I just wanted to let you know that we took delivery of our new Volvo over the weekend and to say we LOVE it would be an understatement.

The service that both you and Volvo provided was world class! You not only sold us a quality product but you ensured we were informed from the moment of purchase until the time the keys were handed to us. This purchasing experience has been both pleasant and memorable and has made us Volvo family for years to come.

Thank you for a GREAT buying experience!

Ken and Ginger

Pinckard Family
Volvo XC90 T8 - April 2017

Our trip to get the XC90, although short, was quite nice. My son and I went to Ystad (Wallender`s Ystad on TV). Malmö, Sweden; Copenhagen, Lyngby, Humlebæk, Faaborg, Kolding, Skagen, Frederikshavn, Grenaa in Denmark‎ as well as my cousins` beach house in Kettrup Bjerge (pictures attached). We drove quite a bit and the car behaved quite well.

We can`t wait until we see it again.

Now, I`m thinking of getting an S-90 T-8 RDesign when it becomes available.

Anders Bergmann
Volvo XC60 - March 2014

Picked up my Volvo in Walnut Creek 3 weeks ago. Can`t ask for a smoother delivery. Appreciate you so much for all your assistance from purchase to shipment. Amazing vehicle. Definitely one happy and loyal customer. Thanks.

Peter Chin
Volvo XC60 - March 2017

Hello Lisa & Steve!

We got it…and are enjoying our new vehicle! Thank you for the seamless service (again). Take care, and enjoy the rest of your weekend – I know we will 😎

Jeff & Joy Dutmers
Volvo XC90 - April 2017

Thank you so much for working to find us the car we wanted in such a tight turn around time. I`ve had my XC90 for about three weeks now and we love everything about it so far. Volvo has thought of everything and left nothing out – this car is a true luxury to drive. Especially after the island clunkers we all drove in Okinawa! I expect we`ll have this car for many many years to come and I`ve been telling everyone I know about what an amazing experience we had working with you and Lisa and Volvo Military Car Sales.

Btw, we took your estimate to 8 dealerships in Maryland to compare prices before ordering with you and NO ONE could even come close to matching your price; one dealer even said it was less than she paid for the car as a dealer!

Thank you again! We genuinely appreciate your phenomenal customer support and the fantastic and easiest car buying experience ever.

Whitney Howe-Mendoza
Volvo XC90 - Feb 2017

I would like to let you and the Volvo team know just how satisfied my wife and I have been with the excellent service you have provided. Jerry Kellogg has provided outstanding customer service and made sure our XC90 was ordered and delivered exactly as my wife and I have needed for our family. He and your team have gone out of your way to make sure our car was well taken care of through the convenient Home Shipment program; our car arrived safely, on time and fully gassed up and ready to go back in California!! Jerry and your team have been great! Super satisfied and best car buying experience I have ever had. Have recommended you all to others and will buy from Volvo again!

John Bedwell
Volvo XC60 - Jan 2017

I got the car this afternoon looked great and drives amazing. My wife is very happy as well. Thanks for all your help and for offering us suck a great deal on a new car that would have been out of my price range if I had purchased here. I attached a few pics not the best we were in a hurry to get back before dark and rush hour traffic.

Matt O`Mire
Volvo V60 - Jan 2017

Just wanted to let you know we picked up our volvo v60 a few days ago and love it!!!! It looks just like it did on the website, it is so quiet, comfortable, sporty, and high tech! Thrilled with it!!!!! Great experience (again) with your overseas mil sales program. Thanks for all of your help!

Morrow Family
Volvo XC90 - Jan 2017

Good day Mr. Brunt, Happy New Year to you too!!! Thank you. Actually we`re all loving our new vehicle. We are very happy with the previous model we bought, but I have to say that this XC90 is way, way, way better than we had expected. Every day we find something new and we think it`s so cool. It actually arrived to Texas before us, we`re still in Okinawa when it arrived in Austin!!! Sorry we didn`t respond sooner, trying to get established here after being overseas for almost ten years has been an experience. Specially now that I`m retired, people seem to make things a little more complicated. But everything is working out. The picture is the day after we received the vehicle. By the way, the customs duty refund was approved and we even got the refund a few days ago! Thank you very much for all your help and for letting us know about our new vehicle, it was a great deal and we`re super happy. (I think Kristina is a little jealous. :0). Thank you for everything. Respectfully, Hector, Kristina, Leah & Lars

Navarrete Family
Volvo S60 - Jan 2017

That`s wonderful news, thank you for the continued updates. As for improvements on service I have none. From start to the impending finish, you and Steve have been beyond helpful. Especially when doing everything through emails, things have gone well so far and you both have made this purchase process better than I could have hoped for or even better than what I may have gotten through a dealership in person. All I can say for now is to keep up the great work because it`s already beyond great in my opinion. I have spoken to friends and colleagues about the savings I received with you guys and some have shown interest but are unsure as of yet or don`t have a need for a new vehicle at this time. Rest assured though that I will continue to spread the word and hopefully give you guys some new business. Thanks again for your assistance and have a great upcoming weekend.

Sam Kettle
Volvo XC60

James, I hope this email finds you well. My wife and I continue to be very happy with the x60. We have put 15 thousand miles on it and hasn`t given us a bit of trouble. The dealer here has been great also. Thank you again for all you did to get us into the car. I have passed your name and email to a AD person here at this base. Don`t be surprised if he contacts you. A day doesn`t go by that I don`t miss Okinawa especially with cold weather starting. Have a Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

Reggie Clifton
2017 Volvo XC60 R Design - Nov 2016

I wanted to let you know that I took delivery of my new XC 60 on Friday, 11/25/2016 from Carlsbad Volvo. Absolutely gorgeous vehicle, inside and out. Image attached. Thanks to Paul and you for all your assistance. I look forward to many years and happy miles! Wife`s 2008 XC90 in background. Daughter off driving her S70…

Anthony Vanaria
2017 Volvo XC90 - Nov 2016

I just want to let you know how truly delighted my wife is with her 2017 Volvo XC90. As you know, this is the first vehicle I`ve purchased online through Volvo Military Car Sales and I was a little nervous. The process was much less personal than what I`ve been accustomed to with stateside car sales. I now understand I had nothing to be nervous about. The XC90 that I received in September is perfect – all the specifications we had wanted in a beautiful vehicle, delivered to our door. My wife loves driving her XC90. It is a remarkable SUV and she feels like it wraps her and our kids in a high-tech, luxury “tank” that feels so very safe. It helps my wife with great peace of mind every time she drives the car. Thank you for helping me with this purchase and for answering our many questions along the way. Our XC90 is truly a dream.

Kevin Golart
2016 Volvo XC90 R Design - Aug 2016

We picked up the XC-90 yesterday and it is incredible. I never had seen one beforehand, and I am very impressed. Everything went very smooth today during registration thanks to all the provided paperwork. Other than the slight delay from the factory, the whole process was incredibly smooth. Your support the entire time was great, thanks for all of your time. I`ll be advocating the overseas program to others that are in the market and might buy again if I qualify. FWIW, the people at Dick Dyer Volvo in Columbia were very knowledgeable and thorough with our pickup. I was expecting to just be handed the keys, but they established a relationship I`m sure we will rely on while we live in the area. Thanks for everything,

Kevin Crofton
2017 Volvo XC90 - Nov 2016

We picked up the vehicle last evening and it looks amazing! The dealership really took care of us with a full unveiling with it covered in a black sheet. Our name was on a sign next to the vehicle. The salesman took an hour with Beth to show her all the functions. The dealership also got her a dozen roses knowing this vehicle was both her 40th birthday present as well as our 20th Anniversary gift (both celebrated this upcoming June).

Bob Degand
Volvo S60 - October 2016

Good morning!! I just wanted to let you know how thankful and appreciative I am for all the help and support that you both during this purchase. This was my first new car and my first customed build as well. I`m in love with it and she couldn`t be more perfect. The colors and accessories came together very nicely and I had the dealership questioning about my vehicle as they prepped it for delivery! My Volvo doesn`t look like the next which is the main thing I was going for. I tell everyone about my experience with the program and other people are excited for my car that they won`t get to ride in…. Lol! Just thank you for everything and I will pass on how awesome you both were. As promised here are some pics!! Thank you again for everything!!

LaTanya Lockhart