Hi James and Minori, I got the XC90 and it\`s great! Everything, from start to finish was outstanding! not just excellent. O\`Steen Volvo here was good also and bent over backwards so I can get the wagon right away. It couldn\`t be any better. Thanks a lot for your help and I\`m driving the heck out of this truck! It\`s only been six days since I got it and I already have over 300 miles on it I filled out the survey and too bad, no \”OUTSTANDING\” choices, only excellent. Like I said, good price, good service… can\`t ask for anything more. I was a little bit skeptical with the dealers here stateside, but I was surprised on how Abe Coggin from O\`Steen Volvo here handled my situation. He was as service oriented as you guys. Good on Volvo! Here\`s a picture of the car. Sorry, it\`s a bit dirty already… Thanks a lot for your great help and you can bet that my friends will know about my great experience with Volvo Military Sales! Butch and Arlyn Leybag

Butch and Arlyn Leybag