Good Day James and Lisa I know this email comes a little late, but we have been getting in a lot of travel time to family and friends and we had not had a chance to sit and get the email done. We would like to let you guys know how incredibly satisfied we are with our new XC90. We had built up so much anticipation, when we arrived to pick up the vehicle, it was what we expected and more. We were satisfied beyond words. The way the vehicle took to the road and the tremendous amount of compliments did not hurt either. This vehicle is by far the epitome of supremacy for us. Thank you for your service. Thank you for all the dedicated service you guys rendered to my husband and I. Whenever I started to panic, you guys eased the tension for me and I appreciate it wholeheartedly. This was a long journey to the pickup of my XC90. My husband has been letting me do most of the driving, which by the way I used to hate, but now, I thoroughly enjoy. Thanks for the tireless changes you guys helped work out. We changed our minds a lot, but you assured us there was not going to be a problem. You guys helped us to make our vehicle the best and we are forever thankful. We are definitely telling very military family we know and also family members about the wonderful experience we shared with you guys. Again, thank you guys for everything and hear from you soon.

George - Dwan Grimsley