Volvo XC90 – Sept 2014

Hello Lisa, Thank you kindly for following up and the concern. We are loving our new Volvo and look forward daily to be “in it.” Although it`s only been about three days now that we`ve been driving it, although we had it for over ten days. Reasons being U.S. & Korean holidays and military exercise along with some extra paper work required on our part for the customs formalities. Nonetheless wait is finally over and we are enjoying our new ride. Ajoy has already shown the new Volvo to his few friends, out of which 3-4 are getting interested in buying one as well. In fact, one just started the paper work with Jerry I believe. Ajoy sent him all the information of SCU as well along with local insurance agency. Thank you kindly for checking with us again and we are loving this new addition to the family very much.

Maninder and Ajoy Sharma