Volvo XC90 – Jan 2017

Good day Mr. Brunt, Happy New Year to you too!!! Thank you. Actually we`re all loving our new vehicle. We are very happy with the previous model we bought, but I have to say that this XC90 is way, way, way better than we had expected. Every day we find something new and we think it`s so cool. It actually arrived to Texas before us, we`re still in Okinawa when it arrived in Austin!!! Sorry we didn`t respond sooner, trying to get established here after being overseas for almost ten years has been an experience. Specially now that I`m retired, people seem to make things a little more complicated. But everything is working out. The picture is the day after we received the vehicle. By the way, the customs duty refund was approved and we even got the refund a few days ago! Thank you very much for all your help and for letting us know about our new vehicle, it was a great deal and we`re super happy. (I think Kristina is a little jealous. :0). Thank you for everything. Respectfully, Hector, Kristina, Leah & Lars

Navarrete Family