Volvo XC90 – Feb 10

Hi James, Martha Chavez here! How are you? I`m not sure if you remember us but we bought a Volvo xc90 Majestic blue pearl from you! I have to tell you, we absolutely LOVE our car. We had to take a road trip (relocating) from El Paso, tx to Medina, Ohio and the ride was soo smooth. We actually drove in on a Snow Storm (we saw cars on the side of the road against the median and walls) but our little car pulled us through. I`m soo happy that we made the purchase because it has truly been a dream. Thank you so much! I`m sorry that I haven`t written sooner but with all the moving, holidays, death in the family, and all the stress, we`ve had our hands kinda full. I will send you pictures of my wonderful car as soon as we get a wash. It`s been snowing here since we`ve gotten here. We have about 3 ft of snow and more coming!!! Thank you so much for everything James! Take care and I hope to hear from you soon.

Martha Chavez