Volvo XC90 – Feb 09

Dear James Thanks for the car. I named her Penny because it cost me more than a penny. She is good to me and the navigation system didnt try to send me over a bridge that didnt exist like my last car. Her name was Volvolita (XC90 05). Anyway, let me know when I can buy another car from you so I can return to Sweden before I get married. It is great. Sometimes the ipod resets itself but overall I love it. It is the official Steeler car when I go to the games. Hope to visit you and Minori someday soon in Okinawa. Everyone at Volvo was supernice and all the women there were so smart and super yummy. I was going to go back and marry like Tiger Woods did until I met my girlfriend, Berni. She is not Swedish blonde but hopefully I can get her to wear a wig on Friday nights. Until then I will just have to put my Volvo massage seats on high. JOHN

John Cabral