Volvo XC60 – September 2011

We love our new car! It turned out even better than I had imagined, which is wonderful. I was really nervous about the left hand drive at first, but it is so easy to drive and I felt comfortable immediately. Our experience with Volvo has been great as well, the teams in Okinawa and Alconbury were exceptionally courteous and easy to work with, they made the whole process easy. It was probably more stressful on your end than ours, since you had to work around all of our delays! But everyone has been very patient and accommodating, I couldn`t really have asked for better service. I have nothing but positive feedback for everyone that we have worked with at Volvo, they have been wonderful. Thank you as well, Lisa, you have also been a great help during this process, and you have always spelled everything out for us and made it very easy to go step by step. Sincerely, Sarah Gregory

Sarah & Derek Gregory