Volvo XC60 – October 2010

Hi James, Sorry for the delay in responding. Yes we finally received our XC60 on October 16th. Love LOve LOVE the color! I was so nervous about the red color but it looks really nice. It looks great with the two/tone seats. Also, remember I wanted to change the rims? Well I am glad I didn`t because I like the ones we have better than the “Z” rims I wanted to change to. LOL funny how things turn out. But overall….I love the car… my car! My husband James gave up his rights to the vehicle … he may need to ask permission to drive it ha ha. My favorite feature is the PCC. I love not needing to pull my key out of my purse to unlock, lock, or start the car. It is so magical! I love it! The Volvo people at Parkway, Wilmington NC were extremely friendly and helpful… the salesman explained all the features and even helped me program my phone into the bluetooth (another feature I just love). Loving driving it. Still learning all the features. Too many to learn at once. I definitely want to take the time to say THANK YOU!!! Our entire Volvo experience (outside of the long anticipated wait … definitely no fault on your part) was fabulous! I would reccommend your services to anyone in a heartbeat. Your patience with me with all my indecisiveness was most treasured. Thank you again for your invaluable service to me and James. I need to send pictures and post a comment on your website about your superb customer service. With much gratitude, Dawn

Dawn Lucas