Volvo V50 – July 09

Lisa, Thank you, Romulus, and Volvo so much. We love our new Volvo. For years we talked about buying one and for whatever reason we did not. Finally, now we have one and I can honestly say I have not felt this good about a new car in along time. The process of buying and now driving a new Volvo overseas has been interesting but enjoyable. Most of our headaches came from the Navy`s side of the process (Which I expected). The Navy always has the red tape to get through…LOL! The buying process on Volvo`s side was the smoothest buying experience I have had yet buying a new car. We really want to thank you and Romulus for you help and support. We are already talking about buying another (possibly the convertible or the new XC60). Looking forward to working with you again. Thank you! Roger

Roger J