Volvo S60 – July 2014

Good morning James, I wanted to give you and your future customers an update on our 2007 S60 2.5. This car has been truly amazing for the last 7 years. We have had no issues with the car, and the car still looks and drives like the first day we picked it up. If anyone is thinking of buying a luxury brand car, they really should consider a Volvo, and buying the car from you will save so much money from stateside. When we bought our S60 from you, we also got an Infinity G35S in Texas. Both cars are considered to be in the luxury model brands, but the Volvo price was a lot cheaper through the military sales. Now 7 yrs. later, we have about the same mileages on both cars, just under 50,000 miles, and my Infinity has been in the shop several times for warranty items to be replaced. I have had the brakes replaced twice and they still make noises in the morning when the car is cold. The interior in the Infinity is fading and some of the accent paint is coming off. I like my Infinity, but it`s not the quality or craftsmanship as the Volvo. The Volvo interior still looks like the day we bought the car. It doesn`t make any noises or squeaks as I notice in my Infinity. This is one well-built car and we are looking forward to get the Volvo S80 from you in the near future because I am going to sell my Infinity. Thanks again for great car.

Eric & Sheila Nix