Volvo C30 – May 2010

Lisa, Thanks for keeping me updated! And let me assure you, I recognize you can`t get advertising on military bases but you`ve certainly made a salesman out of me! This whole experience was completely painless, you were amazingly helpful and informative, and my car is being delivered before I get back from my deployment — PLUS — I got a GREAT deal on what is certainly one of my favorite cars on the market right now! I`ve been a fan of Volvos ever since I was lucky enough to drive a 1990 240DL wagon around through college (I learned how to fix a radiator and replace a water pump on that beast), and I`m certainly looking forward to owning one for as long as it`ll let me. I`ve got a friend with a 240 coupe which is in the 1 million miles club (original engine), and I plan on getting there with my new C30. Thanks again! -Aaron

Aaron Zeichner