James was exceptionallly pleasant, professional, friendly, and helpful, without any pressure at all. James kept up the perfect amount of communication with me, touching base, without any pressure while I figured things out. I guarantee you it has netted you a few car sales because of many people that I have told the whole story to, who now plan on getting a Volvo when they transfer. In addition to James wonderful assistance, Lisa Whitehurst has also been of tremendous help to me. She has gotten me the order information quickly, helped me with the wire transfer, made the reservations for the hotel and arranged my pick up. My friends and colleagues are in awe of the exceptional service and price that I got with my Volvo. Because of your assistance in making Volvo affordable for us military related folks, there are many who will be happily driving in the safest car in the world. You must treat your employees well because they represent your company very well. Thank you for a job well done. Please express my appreciation to James and Lisa.

Barbara Treadway