James. I stopped by the local Volvo dealer in New Orleans yesterday, even the sales person was jealous about my car, they said they have never seen a passion red one before, plus Volvo re-designed the sign on the back for the 2009 model. It makes a car looks really nice. I am really happy about the purchase, and on my way driving from NC to New Orleans, whenever I stopped at the rest station, there were people turned heads around and checked out my car. Minori and you have made my purchase on this C30 really simple and easy, and there is really no hassle at all on any paperwork, etc., and the local delivery center back in the states was really familiar with all the delivery paperwork as well. Every single step in the military purchase program made my purchase really simple and easy. There is really no any other program in the dealership in the states can beat the price the military sales program offers. I did save thousands of dollars by going through this program, and the best part is everything in the car is exactly what I wanted, no more and no less. I am really happy about the choice I made by going through the program, and of course I am glad Volvo finally comes out the very sharp car like C30. Keep in touch and best wishes for you and Minori. David

David Liu