What are my Vehicle Destination options?
Your new Volvo will be delivered to an authorized Volvo retailer of your choice in the US. Alternatively, you have the option of delivery overseas to Japan, Okinawa, Korea, Guam, Bahrain, Europe or even a VIP factory delivery in Sweden.

US Delivery
If you are returning to the US in the next 12 to 18 months, we can have a brand new Volvo waiting for your arrival at pretty much the dealer of your choice in the states! Our program allows you to custom order your new car providing additional colors and options not available to dealers in the US, and have it waiting for you when you arrive. Please remember, custom orders will take a minimum of 4 months from order to delivery (sometimes longer for very popular models), so please consider this when planning for your return to the US.

Access to Volvo USA stock
If you are returning to the United States at short notice, no problem, we can still assist you! We have exclusive access to all Volvo USA and their dealer networks stock vehicles. We can locate a vehicle that will be able to meet your delivery location and time frame – and still provide you with your special military price!!

Korea Delivery
We always have 20-30 vehicles in stock in Korea – or on the way there, so if you are looking for quick delivery, no problem!!

If we dont have exactly what you would like in stock, you can special order a vehicle from the factory to your exact specification. Please remember, custom orders take a minimum of 4 months from order to delivery (sometimes longer for very popular models and time of year), so please consider this when planning for delivery of the car to Korea.

Japan Delivery
For those requesting local delivery to Japan, as you may be aware, vehicles have to conform to local specification. This will include conversion to Japanese headlights of all models, addition of a front wing mirror or camera for SUV and an emissions test for all vehicles. The costs of these items, plus preparation of vehicle and all Japanese paperwork are an additional cost. Shipment and conversion times can be lengthy so please take this into consideration when planning a local delivery. Please contact your local representative for details.

European Delivery
For customers moving to Europe, or requesting factory pick up, we can arrange VIP delivery at the factory. This will allow you to participate in the factory tour to see how your new Volvo was made, enjoy a typical Swedish lunch, then take delivery of your brand new Volvo!

Worldwide Delivery
We do deliver to most locations worldwide. Please contact us for details